Limara Brailsford demonstrates side kick

Hi! I'm Limara Brailsford

I'm a REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer with Pre and Post Natal Certification. I've been a PT since 2014 and offer Personal Training Sessions and more in the Bristol area.

My Ethos

Ever since I qualified as a Personal Trainer, I have wanted to bring the best out of people when it comes to health and fitness. To enable clients to do that, I listen to what their aims are and then I help them realise their potential by finding exercises they enjoy doing, by teaching safe training methods and educating them on the best ways to achieve their goals.

I have a holistic approach and look at all aspects of training including aerobic fitness, functional strength training, balance and stretching. Teaching a variety of different techniques keeps things interesting for my clients and brings all-round health benefits. Not everyone can look like a fitness model but I truly believe everyone should experience the benefits, both physical and mental, of regular training; it’s the best way of living a long and healthy life and improving general well being.

"Limara quickly got me on a program to help me lose the excess pounds, but also designed to help me tone up and build strength. She also helped me with my nutrition, making sure I was fueling my body correctly, increasing the benefits of the exercise. We’ve now been working together for almost two years. In that time Limara has always kept things fresh, teaching me new exercises and techniques but changing them up when she knows I have them mastered. She has always shown great patience, never getting frustrated if I struggle to grasp something immediately."
Scott C

Get in Touch!

Please contact me for further information on classes or personal training.