Spotted these everywhere this morning and it made me smile.

One of the lovely things that comes with the frost. We get to see the spiderwebs in all their glory and I think they are stunning!

Then it made me think about everything I have gained from not having a regular car for over 2 months. As stressful as it felt at the beginning;

It has made me get out and walk, walk to places I needed to get to but would have ordinarily jumped in the car.

It has actually made me slow down... a lot! Which is the complete opposite to what I thought it would do.

I used to get out in the car every single day, sometimes when I didn’t even need to, rushing here and there! Now I plan my days more and make the most of the time I am not dashing around in the car!

It has in fact given me more time; more time to think and plan whilst I’m walking. Which has helped to clear my head of stuff and feel a lot better about jobs I have to get done.

Also more time to exercise as it is exercise I was not getting... Burning more calories and losing a few extra pounds (which I am definitely in need of right now)

I’m in no way preaching but just sharing my personal current life lesson! I know when I get my car back I will certainly be using it a lot but this has made me think differently about how beneficial walking with purpose can be and will hopefully stop me from driving everywhere when I can walk. #spiderweb #cobweb #walking #walkingnotdriving #frostymorning #frost #freshair #reflection #exercise