The Orb Ball
20 Oct 2020, 11:24
This little wonder the #orbball has been a tool I have used for a number of years and have recommended to many clients especially in the last few months. Many people have changed their regular habits, may be moving less, being more sedentary or have a different work set up; so their body may be feeling aches and pains.
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The Deep Squat
20 Oct 2020, 11:24
One of my favourite resting positions. When I’m working on the floor or playing with the kids I find myself here often. I bring this into my mobility practices most days.
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3 Nov 2020, 20:48
‘ Blowing the cobwebs away’
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Online Classes
2 Apr 2020, 06:58
I am so very grateful to my brilliant friends, family, clients and lovely little bootcamp community for supporting me right now!
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Short and Sweet!
11 Nov 2020, 20:07
Short and sweet! That pretty much sums us both up and how we like to plan our runs. I have never been one for distance running but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t run at all.
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"Limara quickly got me on a program to help me lose the excess pounds, but also designed to help me tone up and build strength. She also helped me with my nutrition, making sure I was fueling my body correctly, increasing the benefits of the exercise. We’ve now been working together for almost two years. In that time Limara has always kept things fresh, teaching me new exercises and techniques but changing them up when she knows I have them mastered. She has always shown great patience, never getting frustrated if I struggle to grasp something immediately."
Scott C