Online Personal Trainer UK

I’m Limara Brailsford and I can help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals with online programmes over Zoom.  Our supportive group will encourage you on your journey towards a better, healthier life and help motivate you on your way.  The programmes are designed to help you make long term, positive changes so that you be the best, healthiest version of yourself ; Fitter, stronger and more flexible.

If you're looking for an Online fitness class you can attend from home in the UK, then online personal training is the option for you.  Joining our group will help you achieve more than you would on your own and I also record the sessions so you can stream it at a more convenient time in case you can't join for any reason. Access all of these online fitness classes and Bootcamp (either in person or online) for a fixed , low monthly fee!

Online Training Covers all the bases!

Training with a group online isn’t just about getting fitter, so my classes cover;

  • Circuits - A complete body conditioning class that involves body weight resistance and cardio exercises performed in a circuit style (on your mat). It’s an all over calorie burn and strength building programme.  Equipment used : Resistance Bands or light dumbells.
  • Core Activator - A simple yet engaging style of workout session with a focus on engaging your core. Suitable for all abilities.
  • HIT Strong - A dynamic, fun & energetic session. This workout session improves cardio, dynamic movement & motor skills by utilitising Boxing striking and movement techniques in a HIIT based format
  • Stretch Yin - An enjoyable & relaxed session designed to be the perfect session at the end of the day to help wind down and find calm whilst gaining flexibility.
  • Strength Squad - A dynamic and enjoyable weighted/resistance session, designed to workout the entire body whilst building endurance and gaining strength. Equipment used : Dumbells, Kettlebells or Resistance bands.

Long term gains with Online personal Training.

Many sites advertise ‘quick results’ and ’12 week programmes’ but I believe in a long term changes, not overnight miracles.   My aim is to make you the best, fittest version of yourself not conform to someone else’s idea of how you should look.   All my training is about getting the best from your body and making long term changes to your lifestyle to make you as healthy as you can be, whether you’re male or female, already fit or needing to start at the beginning and build up.

Personalised help - when you need it

If you’re part of the online training group and you need help or advice. I’ll be here to assist, encourage and motivate you when you need it with personalised advice on diet and lifestyle, or adjusting your training programme to suite your individual needs.  We also have a private Facebook group where you can access training videos and healthy recipes. So you can train at times when you aren’t free to do the live classes.

No Gym? No Problem!

My online classes use a minimum of equipment - in most cases none at all!  All you need is some space and an internet connected device such as a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac with zoom installed.   For some classes you can use dumbbells (if you have them) but you can use a pair of anything that’s got some weight to it, we’ve even had people use cans of beans!   A yoga or fitness Mat is also a good idea for floor work and stretching.

Like to join us? Contact me for more information or view the session times and prices.