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Do you want to get fitter but struggle to get motivated? Do you want to have more energy and a more positive outlook on life?  Having a healthier lifestyle is something everyone wants but many find hard to achieve. Life can be hectic and, like me, you may be juggling a career and childcare, so I understand how difficult it can be!

Online Personal Trainer 

 I'm Limara and I've been a personal trainer in Bristol since 2014. I offer online training programmes both as 1-2-1 and group sessions, so  I've helped hundreds of clients achieve their fitness goals using a range of proven scientific training methods. I'm friendly, knowledgable, approachable and always on hand to provide helpful advice & guidance. I'm based in Whitchurch, Bristol so I cover  Hengrove, Broomhill, Knowle, Southville & Bedminster but I also offer training online so I can train you wherever you are.

What I can do for you

One-to-One Personal Training Bristol

Are you looking for personalised sessions? I offer fully customised training plans and Private Training for clients at all levels of fitness in Whitchurch and the South Bristol area (including Hengrove, Broomhill, Knowle, Southville & Bedminster). I also do online sessions (Virtual PT) for clients who are further afield. My passion is coaching and helping clients understand more about the way in which they move. I really like to instil confidence in my clients so they feel comfortable in the exercises they are doing and continue to build that confidence throughout their training with me and beyond.

All one-to-one personal training is tailored to your needs and goals and is ideal for you, especially if you have specific training needs such as; 

  • Training for small groups (2-4 people)
  • Training through pregnancy
  • Postnatal recovery and training
  • Weight training
  • Boxing coaching
  • Injury recovery and rehabilitation 
  • Specific fat loss goals 
  • Specific aesthetic goals 

Long term gains with Online personal Training.

Many sites advertise ‘quick results’ and ’12 week programmes’ but I believe in a long term changes, not overnight miracles.   My aim is to make you the best, fittest version of yourself not conform to someone else’s idea of how you should look.   All my training is about getting the best from your body and making long term changes to your lifestyle to make you as healthy as you can be, whether you’re male or female, already fit or needing to start at the beginning and build up.

Personalised help - when you need it

If you’re part of the online training group and you need help or advice. I’ll be here to assist, encourage and motivate you when you need it with personalised advice on diet and lifestyle, or adjusting your training programme to suite your individual needs.  We also have a private Facebook group where you can access training videos and healthy recipes. So you can train at times when you aren’t free to do the live classes.

No Gym? No Problem!

My online classes use a minimum of equipment - in most cases none at all!  All you need is some space and an internet connected device such as a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac with zoom installed.   For some classes you can use dumbbells (if you have them) but you can use a pair of anything that’s got some weight to it, we’ve even had people use cans of beans!   A yoga or fitness Mat is also a good idea for floor work and stretching.

Bootcamp Bristol @ Imperial Sports Ground

Whatever your ability, fitness level or current health situation, there are ways to work with it and around it. Don't let these difficulties put you off or stop you from finding something that you enjoy, that works and helps improve your current situation. At Get Fit With Limara Bootcamps I work with my members to overcome any personal difficulties or situations so they don't miss out or stop what they enjoy. It's a small friendly, welcoming group all there for the same reasons;

  • Tuesday Evening Bootcamp
  • Get yourself outdoors
  • Get yourself moving
  • Get yourself fit

If you'd like to know more, please contact me for more information.

I look forward to seeing you soon!